ART GALLERY DEFINITION: "A room or building for the display or sale of works of art."

47Gallery is redefining that in a big way. 47Gallery will assign 22 story-driven raw drawn concepts to an unknown artist whose mission is to make them into a work of art by his vision and interpretation. You could compare this to the lyrics of a song that were written by someone and sang by someone else. The reason behind premeditated raw drawn concepts is to prepare young or old artists to work under narrative direction. That will not allow them to express themselves freely but through guidelines. They will still have to invest their creative expression to deliver a premeditated work of art that later on becomes their original artwork.

The concept behind this concept is to make unknown artists more employable by graphic design companies, film companies for storyboard artists, advertising agencies, etc. Maybe they won't love each project, but they will survive doing what they love. Each artwork starts as a concept sketch drawn by the founder of the 47Gallery Tomaž Šneberger. 47Gallery will exhibit several artists per year and our job is to promote them and possibly secure them a better future. 47Gallery is committed to their work to be seen by as many people as possible. 47Gallery won't exhibit their art in a room or a building! 47Gallery exhibitions will display their art on the streets all around the world. Their artwork will be able to walk pass by you, or you could be the one owning that work of art, carrying it around for others to see in the most comfortable way possible, on a t-shirt.

That is correct on a t-shirt. Our artists will exhibit their artwork on t-shirts, printed front and back with the addressed concept "TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY." You can become a visitor of a 47Gallery by just walking down the street, or you can become a proud owner and exhibit our artist work and what we stand for. We believe that there is too much "bad" art exhibited and too many great artists not exhibiting. 47Gallery will make sure that unknown artists who will exhibit their work with us, will be passion driven, not money driven. After all, money did push the artist's and their art into becoming artificial.

47Gallery is not only passionate to introduce an unknown artist to the world but also to introduce you to yourself through our stories. We live in a world where we value values with $ signs, and that is alarming. We became empty bottles with no beverage so how can we satisfy our thirst. We can address that problem by seeing it as a problem. We as humans evolved beyond our imagination but somehow managed to make several steps backward instead of forward. Our values lie in helping hand, not cash in hand. 47Gallery artworks will not only be comfortable to wear, but our designs will speak to who you are and not who you pretend to be. 22 story-driven artworks will be exhibited on 11 t-shirts. 47Gallery will exhibit these great artworks on best quality organic cotton.

47Gallery T-shirts, are made in family-oriented business KONFEKCIJA MARJA, and if you want to run a background check on us, please feel free to contact them at "www.marja.net." We are proud to say that we are not using the third world countries to produce our T-shirts at low prices and that is why we will always stand behind our fabric quality, fabrication, and artwork. To top it all of you will receive your limited edition T-shirt in a beautiful black box featuring our logo on the top. The design of the packaging will prevent you from throwing it away and will provide you with some extra storage room for handwritten letters, jewelry; we'll leave that up to you.  Also in the box, you'll find a small booklet featuring an artist whose art you bought.

We are a new brand with No.47 as the center stage of our logo. It maybe reads 47Gallery, but there's much more to it. No.4 is there to provide us with a word "FOR" instead of "FOUR," and number 7 is the number of perfection, security, safety and rest... So we are "FOR-SEVEN GALLERY" not "FORTY-SEVEN GALLERY." Seven is also a fairytale number, and we are all for it. There is also the numerical ying-yang in the 47 logo design played out by black and white colors and numbers embracing. Then there is proof that two different characters No.4 and No.7 can create a perfect harmony between each other no matter how different they are by color or race. Every step of our brand is leaving behind a footstep of a solid foundation, that is allowing us all to build on.

The intention of 47Gallery is that becomes a train that stops for every individual at their station and takes every passenger of 47Gallery to their destination. You don’t have to be an "artist" to board our 47Gallery train, but we would prefer if you are humane in all aspects of life in which we all deserve to live to the full, not just selected ones. Let us all experience the landscape of emotional world from the windows of our eyes that is translated directly from our heart. In a way, we are all artists in this world if our work helps, not make it harder for another human being to coexist in this world. Isn't that the culture we all deserve to grow up in?


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