Aleš Lubec a.k.a. Hooligan, born in 1984 is a young promising tattoo artist. All though he started seriously tattooing in 2014 his interest in drawing goes way back. With years drawing behind him, he started to seek shelter in the various realistic motifs. His drawings express his interests in music and dark arts.

Aleš interest in realistic drawings grew he eventually upgraded his art of drawing into tattoo art. He never had a mentor so he helped himself with youtube tutorials and other videos he could find on the internet. Aleš sought inspiration from excellent tattoo artist like Viktor Portugal and David Jorquera. As he wants his drawings or tattoos to be as realistic as possible, he is also perfecting his art in a 3D technique. Maybe dark art is not everyone’s favorite, but the way Aleš transfers ink into one’s skin one layer at the time. His art makes also admire those, who are not into dark art.

The interest of people having his tattoo is growing by the day, but he still found the time to be the first artist to exhibit his art in our 47Gallery. The project was a structured template with raw concept ideas that were designed by Tomaž Šneberger, but the vital part was missing. Tomaž Šneberger approached Aleš and offered him his first exhibition in 47 Gallery. The only catch was, Aleš had to draw 22 premeditated raw concepts by Tomaž Šneberger in limited time. Tomaž had no money to pay Aleš, so he approached him with an idea and the idea of 47Gallery. Despite his busy schedule, Aleš took the time to draw the first art exhibition for 47Gallery, that you are now privileged to own and wear. It’s not just a T-shirt it’s a work of art.

Art this days is so artificial, that true artist is hard to find. And to find someone who would do it for the project alone, not money is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We at 47Gallery strike gold and also you the consumers can be sure that you are wearing an original by Aleš Lubec a.k.a. Hooligan.



If dark art is what you’re after feel free to contact him on his FB page Hooligan Tatoo Ptuj or on his email

Aleš Lubec exhibition

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