Just Ice - Served

Just Ice - Served
Just Ice - Served
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JUST ICE (front side)

A glass filled with water capturing the justice of our whole world. The emotional system has no gender, and it reflects itself on male or female occupant the same. The justice system though has no problem other than money driven reality what translates into innocent and guilty by the quality and price of the lawyer not justice per se. Therefore this world has just ice, not justice servings for a working class people.

SERVED (back side)

Everyone gets what they deserve is not established in a fair trade establishment. Some served with meals fit for a king, and then there are those who get served a plate with not much on it. A person who spends 8 hours or more working per day for someone's fortune, deserves a life where his/her family can spend their time thinking how they will spend their time together, not considering how they will survive this month. Isn't it time we all get served what we deserve?

  • 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate (finest interlock organic cotton), manufactured in Europe - Slovenia
  • Organic Cotton: loose fit
  • machine wash at 30°, wash inside out
  • do not tumble dry

If you order a 100% organic cotton T-shirt, the gift box and a booklet featuring artist are included.

We use the most advanced digital printing technology.  The print itself is in high resolution and is printed in eco colors. The print is breathable and doesn't have that plastic touch.

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