Last try - Enlightened

Last try - Enlightened
Last try - Enlightened
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LAST TRY (front side)

We could compare our life to a match being lit in windy conditions. We all have to find a way to keep our match burning, especially if we want to match the fire to the things we love. Some are more fortunate than others and those others maybe never get to see their match burn. Those unfortunate maybe used their gunpowder to start a match but still, there are plenty of matches burning in this world that would be happy to ignite yours.

ENLIGHTENED (back side)

Each person should ignite their detonation wire to make their mind explode in the direction of progress and well-being of others. The only reason we are different from the animals because we learned to speak and say so. Somehow we consider us to be the superior race, but all we ever do is a race against time towards money. Each head on the shoulders contains an individual world, so each of those worlds has to be individually enlightened.

  • 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate (finest interlock organic cotton), manufactured in Europe - Slovenia
  • Organic Cotton: loose fit
  • machine wash at 30°, wash inside out
  • do not tumble dry

If you order a 100% organic cotton T-shirt, the gift box and a booklet featuring artist are included.

We use the most advanced digital printing technology.  The print itself is in high resolution and is printed in eco colors. The print is breathable and doesn't have that plastic touch.

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