Never Mind - Always Heart

Never Mind - Always Heart
Never Mind - Always Heart
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NEVER MIND (front side)

A mind is a winding road with billboards that are mostly advertising the thoughts forced into you by media and friends who heard or read about it in the news. We, humans, have a ticking time bomb planted in our head the day we are conceived, and it's called a mind. People in charge found a way to arm and disarm our mind the best way it suits them. Only a person that filters what they feel through their mind will always grow doubts towards themselves. Never mind.

ALWAYS HEART (back side)

The engine that propels human blood to all places that it needs to be and brings the human body to life, recognized as a heart. We also label it as the motherboard of love and all well-meant actions of human beings. We are not wrong even though we're wired by the energy we need our heart pure and our mind free to recognize it. While brain plant doubts in love, heart prepares the soil for love to grow even on the concrete foundation.

  • 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate (finest interlock organic cotton), manufactured in Europe - Slovenia
  • Organic Cotton: loose fit
  • machine wash at 30°, wash inside out
  • do not tumble dry

If you order a 100% organic cotton T-shirt, the gift box and a booklet featuring artist are included.

We use the most advanced digital printing technology.  The print itself is in high resolution and is printed in eco colors. The print is breathable and doesn't have that plastic touch.

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