Tunnel Vision - Pipe Dreams

Tunnel Vision - Pipe Dreams
Tunnel Vision - Pipe Dreams
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TUNNEL VISION (front side)

Life is intentionally constructed as a maze by people in power so that our goals will be hard to reach. Our dreams are forced to commit suicide and life around us is structured to supply the rope for our hopes to do so. We maybe leave those dreams and goals behind, but they will be alive for as long as we'll live. Hanging in the back of our head, choking and waiting for us to save them. We are not too old maybe just old enough to make them happen.

PIPE DREAMS (back side)

The crowd waiting in line for the same dream you have is not encouraging. Walking away because the lines are long it's even less promising. There are lines to wait in everywhere, banks, stores, highways. Standing in line makes you move one by one until it's your turn. But the only reason you reached your turn is that you stood in line. You are the gatekeeper to your dreams and only are the one who can turn your dreams into pipe dreams.

  • 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate (finest interlock organic cotton), manufactured in Europe - Slovenia
  • Organic Cotton: loose fit
  • machine wash at 30°, wash inside out
  • do not tumble dry

If you order a 100% organic cotton T-shirt, the gift box and a booklet featuring artist are included.

We use the most advanced digital printing technology.  The print itself is in high resolution and is printed in eco colors. The print is breathable and doesn't have that plastic touch.

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